Everyone has a story to tell, and it's time to tell yours!

Get all the benefits of a fully drafted novel without the mess & confusion of how to make and market it.

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*Limited Time Offer of 20% off to all first time clients

Here's The Thing...

...you have an imagination! You know it, I know it.

But you may not have the time, or the ability, to put pen to paper. You want to write your book, but after a long day at the office, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and putting the kids to bed, you are wiped out.

You've tried your hardest to make the words come...

…but they refuse to listen, and now you’re at a loss.

Your brain is exhausted, but it still continues to plague you with amazing ideas. If only you could have an hour to sit and jot them down in a document. So, you rush to your computer, trying to salvage what little time you have, only to realize you have nothing.

Zip. Zero. Nada.

You are just too tired to even make one little sentence appear.

I get it. I've been there, I've done that. I share your pain.

My friend, you have come face to face with Writer's Block.

That combined with a foggy, exhausted brain is a recipe for disaster. “How can I even find the time to make this AMAZING book? How can I share it with the rest of the world? If I don’t have the time, should I give up?

No! Giving up is never the option. Take a deep breath, and let it out, and know…

Your dream can still happen!

There's a much easier way of writing your book without all the added stress, and you don't have to produce a single word. No wasting time sitting and staring at a blank computer screen, and forget about sacrificing important family time. You can have it all.

*Limited Time Offer of 20% off to all first time clients

Fun Fact: Ghostwriting is more common than you would believe. 50-75% of celebrity books have been ghostwritten.

It’s crazy to imagine the number of books that are ghostwritten, many under the name of some of your favorite authors and idols, like…

That’s right! Some of the most famous books we all grew up on were ghostwritten. R.L. Stine hired his ghostwriter because the Goosebump series grew to be so large, he couldn’t produce the books fast enough! So, he sought out a ghostwriter, wary of their skill and ability, and fearful they would change his idea.

What he never foresaw was how great of an idea it turned out to be!

And did you ever hear of the name of the writer who helped him create one of the most popular series in the world? No, of course not, because that is what a ghostwriter does. With a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the author retains every single right and credit of the book, and the ghostwriter simply gains the pleasure of working with a brilliant mind.

So, there’s no shame in hiring a ghostwriter to HELP YOU make that dream of yours happen.

Creating your manuscript is easier than you could've ever expected...

You’ve already managed the most important step to manuscript creation, and that’s developing an idea that will surely attract attention to your book. Now’s the time to put it into action, and that’s where I come in! 

So... What can you expect to get?

With my fiction ghostwriting services, together we'll...

  • Build a solid foundation to better understand your concept through various questions and consultations.

  • Draw up a road-map that'll direct the flow of your story from start to finish.

  • Develop the ultimate hook that will not only build you a following, but it'll wrack in the profit with ease.

  • Polish, prime, and refine your manuscript into a suitable format fit for publishing of any kind.

  • Implement the perfect strategy of cutting your marketing time in half by providing you with the tools that'll do most of the work.

Let's Talk about

The Team!

That’s right, I said together! I truly believe teamwork is the key to making the best book possible, and let’s not forget it’s YOUR book.

You will be involved in ever step taken to creating your perfect manuscript!

Nothing will get past you without your sign-off.

And when everything is said and done, you can watch as the 5 star reviews start rolling in. It won’t be soon after when you realize that not only did you finally make that dream of yours come true, but you’ll have done it without sacrificing your precious free-time, and the best part of it all, you’ll have witnessed the miraculous process from your very own home, STRESS FREE!

That's why I'm excited to introduce you to the service that's earned all my clients their yearly income, and their 5 star book reviews.

The fiction manuscript draft Package

The ultimate bundle that includes every service needed to turn your book into a BEST-SELLER that makes you money!

Here's the framework that'll get things kicked off, and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1. Create the Foundation with a Road-Map

In this step, we'll outline the what, the where, the who, and the why of your plot to ensure a complete distraction-free, no nonsense (but still fun) journey before we even begin.

Step 2. Build the Captivating Content that will HOOK your readers

Next, with our map in hand, we'll dive into the rabbit hole of your book and create a world of possibilities that are endless, imaginative, and adventurous.

Step 3. Make the Marketing Formula that will sell your book for you

Finally, with your manuscript finished, we'll set you off with the best marketing strategy that will get your book amazing reviews, and it all starts with the jacket.

*Limited Time Offer of 20% off to all first time clients

Yeah, but what's in
the bundle?

It’s important for your book to be written right, and it’s crucial you do it without going broke. Everyone’s gotta eat, so that’s why this package includes it all at such a great, low price.

Here's what you'll get:

*Limited Time Offer of 20% off to all first time clients

How do I Know If you're the right ghostwriter For me?

That’s a fair question, and you should always be wary of hiring anyone.

Unlike many other sales pitches, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I can make you millions. Although I provide you with everything you need to sell your book, part of the work requires you to take part in the process, and I will guide you through it. The thing my clients say most about me is that I never under deliver, and I definitely don’t over deliver.

However, I do go the extra mile to make sure your book is exactly how you visioned it to be. This means I am willing to offer any service free of charge if you happen to find yourself dissatisfied. 

And here’s a little secret… That hasn’t happened yet!

In fact, Here's what some
of them are saying...

4.9 out of 5 stars