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Coaching Workshop

An all-in-one packaged deal, best suited to the determined authors looking to make their novel a best-seller! Coaching involves skill-building, plot strengthening, drafting techniques, and so much more.

What’s included:
– Everything from Brainstorming Session and Strategy Planning, plus
– A set of realistic Writing Goals for you to accomplish by the time of publishing
– A writing schedule that best suits your time
– A series of helpful printable, editable templates (does not include custom sheets or guides)
– A complete copy of the recorded session for your reference

  • Copy of Recording
    Copy of Recording $40ea

    Get a copy of your session for future reference and records keeping. Recordings are included with Coaching only.

  • Outline templates
    Outline templates $20ea

    Premade templates designed for various outline structures; fully editable and customizable.

  • Premade Worksheets
    Premade Worksheets $20ea

    Printable worksheets for Story Premise, Dialogue, Story Elements, and more.

  • Writing Planner Kit
    Writing Planner Kit $60

    Printable daily, weekly, and monthly planners, as well as a project tracker and milestone timeline. Set includes 4 sheets, plus 1 free for a total of 5!

  • Custom Worksheets
    Custom Worksheets Start at $35ea

    Customized worksheets made by request for the purpose of skill building, organization, and more.

  • Characterization Profiles
    Characterization Profiles $25ea

    Editable, premade character profile templates for building solid, interesting, and unique characters for your novel.

  • Guides & Workbooks
    Guides & Workbooks Start at $39.99

    Downloadable guides and workbooks to help you build the perfect skillset necessary for creating a best-selling novel.

  • Individual Planners
    Individual Planners $15ea

    Printable daily, weekly, and monthly planners, as well as a project tracker and milestone timeline.





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