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Plot Outline Services

The easy part is coming up with the idea, but now it’s time to put it all to paper. Don’t begin your novel on a whim; make sure to plot every point out for consistency and ultimate results. Choose among any of my plot outline structures that you feel best fits your book.

*Prices shown on the list are the full price of the service. Discounts will be applied at the time of purchase.

Read & Feedback Consultation

*Requires a booking made 14 days out for every 50K words or more

Is your manuscript too long? Is something missing from it that’s preventing it from being what it’s always meant to be? Are you too closely attached and can’t find it in yourself to make the objective cuts? Every writer faces this, and it can be overcome by a pair of unbiased eyes and a professionals opinion.

Here are the details:
– No rewrites are given beyond highlights and in-doc commentary of problematic areas with helpful solutions
– At the time of the appointment, we’ll go over what you should improve on and give you a plan of action

1 session for $420 | 2 sessions for $840 | 3 sessions for $1,260

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$525.00 $420

Coaching Workshop

An all-in-one packaged deal, best suited to the determined authors looking to make their novel a best-seller! Coaching involves skill-building, plot strengthening, drafting techniques, and so much more.

*Does not include Read & Feedback services

What’s included:
– Everything from Brainstorming Session and Strategy Planning, plus
– A set of realistic Writing Goals for you to accomplish by the time of publishing
– A writing schedule that best suits your time
– A series of helpful guides and/or worksheet templates
– A complete copy of the recorded session for your reference
– Available Worksheets, Guides, and Templates tailored to your needs (available upon request)

$350.00 $280