The Process

From Inspiration to Creation

Project Proposal

The introduction of any project begins with a proposal interview where I’ll learn all about you and your vision.

Content Creation

Watch as your dream unfolds into a wondrous book that will have your readers begging for more!


Made with love, delivered with care, your book will be ready to hit the shelves the moment you receive it.

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It's all in the Details

How it works

Project Proposal

The most important thing about the project is capturing your vision perfectly. Like any relationship, we’ll get to know each other to determine how well we’ll work together as a team.

I’ll provide you with all that you will need to assure you you’re making the right decision by hiring me!

What to Expect

Content Creation

The process of creating your content is treated just as vital and precious as getting to know you. It is during this time we’ll remain in constant communication to make sure you’re receiving exactly what you hoped for. This can be done in a variety of ways.



The final slice of the puzzle is making sure your entire manuscript is swept clean of errors and meets your standards. Once that is finished, you will receive a ready-to-publish document perfectly prepared for the shelf. The only thing you’ll need to focus on is making sales!


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Let's work together

It’s safe to assume you’re here looking to bring your book to life. All it takes is a quick email to get the process started. Let’s do this!