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Services & Offers

Combine two or more services and create a package that fits your concept!


Manuscript Drafting

My drafting service covers all the bases you need to get things kicked off, and work for all genres. *Available for fiction only

Full Manuscript Editing

A polish and revision process to capture any errors down to the little details without compromising your story.

Evaluation & Feedback

An arsenal of feedback services to aid in the improvement and growth of your manuscript.


You know you want to write something, but you just don’t know what. I offer a series of brainstorming sessions to help kick off your project without spending months in limbo!


Strategy Planning

Why hire a ghostwriter when you can do it all yourself? I’ll guide you with proven strategies for planning, outlining, and creating the perfect manuscript!



Brainstorming, strategy planning, recorded sessions, 1 on 1 consult calls, writing goals, and a set schedule that will have you publishing your own novels left and right!

Want to book more than one call? Multiple appointments are offered at a discount when booked at once!