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Turn your Rough Draft into a Pristine Best-Seller

Affordable Book Editing Services

Revisions & Rewrites

An approach to improve your story's structure by tackling the narrative, plot, and subplot. This helps to improve reader engagement.

Copy & Line Edits

A deep edit and correction to spelling, grammar, word usage, dialogue, POV/tense, and any other inconsistencies that needs attention.

Plot Development

Refining ideas, shaping narratives, and fixing any major plot or character inconsistencies by examining every element of your story.

Character Building

Tackling your characters by focusing on their background, personality, and purpose in your story. You'll receive a final evaluation concerning their involvement and any needed improvements.

Assessments & Evaluations

Best for manuscripts in early development. You'll receive a letter that focuses on the bigger picture including concrete ideas about how to construct your story.


Considered the last line of defense, you'll receive a meticulous review of your manuscript to ensure your text is completely polished before it's shipped for publishing!

Think You Can Do it On Your Own? Here's Why You Shouldn't

Why do you need a professional editor?

Content that is well written and consistent will set any person apart, however it’s the editing process that proves this. Sometimes having a second pair of eyes will catch that one mistake that eludes you.  A professional editor is trained to sift through text at a much quicker and more accurate pace, and uncover mistakes that you may not know exist. They’ll direct you towards suggestive changes that will benefit your readership and target market. They can save you loads of time and stress, and save your book from those costly errors and many unnecessary rewrites.

My discounted editing packages will help to ensure the book you’ve written will provide the best possible experience for your readers.

Packages & Pricing

Basic Package

valued at $700


per manuscript draft

The Proofreader

Standard Package

valued at $2,800


per manuscript draft

The Editor


Premium Package

valued at $7,150


per manuscript draft

The Developer