Manuscript Evaluations

Preparing your novel for publication by unlocking it's full potential

Stage One

Send the first 50 pages of your manuscript to get a first impression, at-a-glance, reader insight to the opening of your book. Includes a 1-2 page critique for recommended changes.


Stage Two

A thorough sweep and in-depth analysis of the entire manuscript is done to sniff out strengths and weaknesses, provided with in-document commentary.


30,000 word maximum

$200 per 10,000 words

Stage Three

With all the details in hand, receive either a multi-page written report based on the overall process, or a 90 minute discussion by video meeting to go over improvements.


30,000 word maximum

$200 per 10,000 words

Why is an Evaluation important before publishing?

Creating a manuscript is an exciting venture for every author, but once your finished writing your draft, the work doesn’t stop there.

Literary Agents and Publishers are often sought out to make a manuscript a hard copy, but one thing many authors fail to realize is how picky and thorough they can be. Every word will be scrutinized, right down to grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure and the overall flow of the entire book.

Most agents and publishers refuse to read more than the first 50 pages of your manuscript to determine if it’s worth their time, so it is prudent to make sure every piece of your novel is perfect – and a second pair of eyes usually does the trick.

Manuscript Evaluations will help with this. Your book will be scanned, analyzed, and picked apart, so it’s best to get to the root of the problem before your agent (or readers) notices.

Take advantage of my evaluation services, and before you know it, your book will be on the shelf of every book store imaginable!

Here's what the process looks like

You can’t cook without prepping, and writing is no different! Before booking your project, I’ll send you an evaluation questionnaire based on which stage you’re inquiring about. This will give me insight into areas you want primary focus on, any questions you feel need answering, and the details of your project overall.

Then we delve a little deeper with a 15 minute consult. We’ll discuss your options via email or live chat. This is a swift process to find common ground and begin working as an amazing team!

I’ll provide you with either a consultation or documented feedback. No changes will be made to your manuscript during the evaluation. Instead, you’ll find commentary, notes, and and overall rating based on strengths, weaknesses, first impressions, and more. Suggestions will be recommended for improvement, with which you will have the choice of accepting or rejecting.

Finally, I’ll follow up with the evaluation a week out. This would be the time where I would address any additional concerns you may have regarding the process, and we can schedule a consultation to go over any further questions.