Ghostwriting Services

A series of services designed to outline, draft, and rewrite your manuscript and turn it into an amazing best-seller!

Popular and In-Demand

Plot Outlines

A structured outline detailing your magnificent idea that will make your story into a best-seller.

Manuscript Drafting

My drafting service covers all the bases you need to get things kicked off, and work for all genres.


Your completed manuscript didn’t cut it? It’s never too late for change, and together we can turn it into what it was meant to be.

Here's what the process looks like

You can’t cook without prepping, and writing is no different! Before booking your project, I’ll send you a questionnaire based on the service you’re inquiring about. This will allow me to get a glimpse inside the person you are, your expectations, and what your project is about.

Then we delve a little deeper with a 15 minute consult. We’ll discuss your options via email or live chat. This is a swift process to find common ground and begin working as an amazing team!

Based on everything we’ve discussed, I’ll send you an estimate. This will give you an idea of what we’ll be accomplishing together, what is owed, and when we can begin. Everything will be made transparent, right down to the smallest detail.

After booking your project, I’ll check in with updates and reminders. You can expect to receive an email from me for accountability. I’ll send you reminders at the 1 week and 1 day mark before we begin working. This would be the time to address any unanswered questions or concerns before we move ahead.

What you should prepare for...

A little elbow grease, some hard work, and a lot of fun!

Every project is different, but the process remains the same. In order to get the most out of this service and our time together, you must be ready and willing to put in the dedication necessary to making this a best-seller. In return, I promise to commit to having enough time available to serve you and produce an amazing experience and product.