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There are many factors to consider when you start the journey of writing your first novel, like structure, character development and arc, plot, editing, etc. I understand firsthand the difficulties of writing your own book and the kind of work it takes to bring together an engaging and well-rounded product for readers everywhere. Because of the many elements that all need to come together succinctly to create your first book, it’s important to identify the things you don’t want to be doing as you begin. I’ve made a list of 8 mistakes you don’t want to make when you’re starting to write your first draft.

Some of the most exciting moments about writing any story is building the characters. They are the most important aspects – aside from your plot – that bring your story to life. Without them, you would have nothing but empty words between pages of a book; a lifeless story with no complexity or deeper meaning to keep your audience engaged.

But, what no one tells you about Character Development is that there is no quick cut way to giving life to your characters

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