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Planning, writing, and publishing your book has just been made easier! With this collection of resources, you can say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to royalties!



Quick, easy tutorials to help you surpass your problem with writing and launch you towards the PRO category!


To cover the more conflicting issues that a simple guide can't solve. Ebooks are available in several formats.


Printable and fun to work with, these awesome worksheets will make creating your book easier!


Video courses are coming soon to the resources center. Until then, enjoy a prelude to the soon-to-be webinar.

New to Writing a Manuscript?

Never fear! We were all new at some point. You’re here, which tells me you’re serious and ready to make a living off your work. Browse through my personal collection of writing resources. From there, you’ll find the first steps you need to take to begin your literary journey!


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What every new writer struggles with is the outline, so I’ve created an easy template to work from to help set you on the right track! Introducing the Brainstorming Worksheet!

Stay organized with a checklist that covers every step a writer should take while creating the next best-seller. You can’t go wrong with a little prep!

A Books Barebones - Coming soon in 2019!

Plotting your novel is essential for a proper structure and helps to avoid plot holes. Covered in the Ebook Guide “A Book’s Barebones”, you’ll learn about the 5 essential ways to build an outline, and why it’s important to always have a Plot Outline on hand before writing. It also includes…

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The Best-Seller Prep Bundle only $15.99

Printable worksheets for the more elaborate novels are turning aspiring writers into stars! Make the most of these resources and becoming the writer you’ve always envisioned.

Worksheets include:


The Best-Seller Prep Bundle

Includes [#] worksheet to help prep you for creating the next world-renouned Best-Seller!

Brainstorm and Basic Structure

The first stages to starting a manuscript begins with the brainstorming process, or the Plot Outline. This easy to work with template helps you to narrow down the key elements to your story beginning with the basic information and ending with the plot developments.

Main Character Exploration

What makes your book is the quality and realistic attributes of your characters! This amazing worksheet walks you through the important traits of your main characters from their backstory right down to their role in your plot. This is one of the most important elements a writer must focus on. A must download, for sure!

Character Arc and Development

Building your character doesn't stop at their purpose within your book. They need depth because they're people too. Though they aren't real, its our jobs as writers to give them the appearance of a living being. This worksheet will do just that! Includes everything in the Main Character Exploration Worksheet and so much more!

5 Key Elements to Creating a Story

A worksheet that captures the essence of your novel. Discover the 5 Key Elements to making a story and how to utilize these elements to help you summarize it in less than two sentences!


How To Guide: Creating a Story Blurb that Sells!

In just 6 simple steps, you'll discover how to make a kick-ass blurb that will have your book flying off the shelf! This guide includes examples from best-sellers who discovered this amazing formula all on their own, and why their blurbs were able to earn them floods of royalties.


A Books Barebones: Planning Your Novel

The foundation of every novel is the plot outline. It's constructive, and allows you to not only focus, but to avoid problematic loopholes that would otherwise occur without the use of the outline. In this ebook guide, you'll learn all about how to set up an easy, workable outline and discover the importance of each element that goes into its creation.