Hey, I'm Crystal Maddux

I'm here to make that dream book of yours a living, breathing reality through my powerhouse services and coaching sessions.

My Story

Like so many other business owners, I started out at the bottom and fought my way to the top because I wanted to pursue my creative talents and apply them to helping others.

After having a steady stream of 9 to 5 jobs over the course of a 15 year period, my world was turned upside down in 2016 when I was diagnosed with a heart condition. Unfortunately, this lead to me losing stability, not only financially and structurally, but I found my sense of purpose fading quickly, and I just wasn’t going to let that happen.

Mama didn’t raise a fool, so I turned my sights onto freelancing. Working from home was something I always admired others for doing, and this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to let go. Thankfully, after only 30 days of researching and marketing, I snagged my very first client as a freelance ghostwriter, and thus, C Maddux Write was born.

It was always a dream of mine to become a published author, and having been raised by a family who dedicated their life to medicine, helping others was just in my nature (yes, I’m the blacksheep). I thought, why not combine the two?

I wasn’t an entrepreneur by any means, but with a little trial and error, I figured things out and came across effective tips and strategies to manufacturing of a fictional plot. Those strategies I put to use for my clients, and now I’m booking out my project calendar, started a waiting list, as well as designing helpful resources for those seeking to do this themselves!

This started out as a simple way to keep things interesting in life and grew to a love of helping other creatives put their best foot – and book – forward so they can turn their talents into success and profits, literally!

My pride and joys in life...

My fiance, Chris

My relationship with Chris took form in high school, and we are often classified as the cliche high school sweethearts who will grow old together – The Notebook come to life minus the tragic war sequence. 

He’s my rock, my sounding board, my greatest support, and a pure source of  entertainment that never leaves me bored. He’s helped me through my darkest hour, and cheered me on during my glory moments, and is the truest form there ever was of a best friend.

My dog, Bear

I am a total dog lover; I’ve had a dog since I was 6 weeks old. Bear was the first commitment my fiance and I made together as a couple, and she was the child (of the fur variety) we’ve always wanted. 

Unfortunately, this story ends rather tragically. Bear passed away in 2018 from a brain tumor, but her influence in my life continues to be monumental. In her memory, my family and I’ve begun a charity organization for animals in need called Bear Care’s Fund. Learn more about her story there.

My family

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the love and unconditional support from my mother and sister. It was due to their belief in me that I was able to successfully achieve my dream and open C Maddux Write.

Professional Experience

My specialty lies within literature publication.

Having had the pleasure of gaining many skills over the years that has broadened my writing exponentially, I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself.

Here are some fun little facts about me…

Those marked with (*) have given their explicit permission for their names to appear. 

  • I attended Bowling Green State University, majoring in English Literature.
  • I’ve worked as an English Literature tutor for Elementary students in 2009.
  • I’m currently managing a growing and successful online writing community.
  • *I worked as an SEO Listings Specialist for several small businesses including Serenity in Chains and Black Swamp Naturals. As a result, I was able to produce high-ranking results that increased traffic and sales.
  • To date, I’ve published numerous literary works for a growing number of client authors, ranging over several genres and lengths with glowing reviews.
  • I served as the content creator for several large scale, international corporations.